In 2030, Dundrum will be a vibrant community sharing a new set of global values that govern our economic, social, and environmental, behaviours to the benefit of future generations and we will have a strong civic pride in our local contribution to those goals.

4 Phase Mission

Dundrum 2030 was established to facilitate members of the Dundrum community who live, work or play within our boundary, and beyond, to enrich their lives by playing their part in the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We will do this by establishing a Community Sustainability Framework that sets shared targets and form Sectoral Networksto achieve them.

These will be supported by a SDG Reporting Tool to monitor annual progress to 2030.

Dundrum 2030 will also facilitate its members’ sustainability learning and development by networking and benchmarking with local and global peers in pursuit of the same goals.

We look forward to a world in 2030 that has embraced economic, social and environmental values that globally transform the way we live our lives, and locally give our Dundrum community a sense of pride in the role we played to get there.